The Superyachts 31 - New

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• The industry’s acknowledged gold standard in showcasing the very best private yachts
• Presenting 21 of the world’s greatest, newest yachts from 32.4m to 90m
• Showcasing 5 Boat International Design Award winners and 8 World Superyacht Award winners, including Sailing Yacht of the Year Sybaris and Refitted Yacht of the Year Aquila
• The world’s 200 largest yachts including 15 new entries
• 480 pages, 21 deck plans, 646 yacht photographs, index to 706 yachts in volumes 1 – 31
• Special feature: The Evolution of Limotenders
• Foreword by the owners of Seven Sins

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The Superyachts 31 - New

There is a television commercial for an insurance company that promotes itself by stating

“We cover everything because we’ve seen everything”

Sometimes I think that is in many respects the nature of my job, at least the seeing everything part. In truth, I have been writing about large yachts, their design and technology for decades. Just about when I think there simply cannot be any new stories to tell or a fresh design to present, yacht owners rise to the challenge along with their designers and builders – and the unsung heroes of the industry who make the components – launch something that makes me say: “Hey, that’s pretty interesting! Can we cover that?”

Sometimes there have been disappointments when owners say no. Middle Eastern Royals and a few American and British celebs notwithstanding, we usually find a way to combine an owner’s need for privacy with our goal of presenting the best of the newest yachts each year. Volume 31 is no exception.

What is exceptional, however, are the stories of the creative ways some owners have found to indulge their passions for yachting. Take, for example, the two yachts with “Cloud” in their title – Cloud 9 and Cloudbreak. Despite being within 1.5 metres of one another in length and just 206 gross tonnes apart in volume, their stories and their missions could not be more different. And while each is certainly unique, there is an almost eerie link in the fact that their names both signify paradise to their owners.

Nowhere is diversity of thought more tangible than in the four sailing yachts presented. As a sailor myself, I find things to love about all of them and marvel at the ways their owners have achieved their dreams of adventuring on wind and water.

Also featured this year is one yacht named for a love of wine and one yacht named for a love of all things (I’ll leave the puzzle for you). There are yachts that started with a clean sheet of paper, yachts started on spec and yachts that began as something else entirely and are presented in their amazingly refitted state.


Marilyn Mower, Editor!

The yachts:

Aquila / Book Ends / Chasseur / Cloud 9 / Cloudbreak / Giaola – Lu / Here Comes the Sun / Joy / La Passion / Legend / My Song / Nero / Plus Vltra / Quinta Essentia / Razan / Ribelle / Seven Sins / Svea / Sybaris / Ulysses / Vertige