The Superyachts 30

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Special 30th anniversary edition

• The industry’s acknowledged gold standard in showcasing the very best private yachts
• 20 of the world’s greatest yachts
• Showcasing 8 World Superyacht Award winners, including Motor Yacht of the Year, the stunning 83.5m Feadship built Savannah and Sailing Yacht of the Year Unfurled
• The world’s 200 largest superyachts, introducing 10 new entries
• 440 pages, 16 full deck plans, 685 yacht photographs, Index to 666 yachts in volumes 1 – 30
• Special feature: Retrospective at 30 – The Good, The Bad, The unforgettable

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The Superyachts 30

Here we are at volume 30 of The Superyachts.

So What?

Is it any different in relevance from volumes 29 or 17 or 5 before it?

By most measures 30 years is equal to a generation, the passage of time during which a child is born, grows to adulthood and begins having children of his or her own. We have become used to that cycle of life…of change. Generation comes from the Latin verb generae, from genus referring to “stock” or “race”. So, what can we make of this past generation of the race of superyachts?

Including volume 30, we have presented an amazing collection of more than 660 yachts that we considered noteworthy. Some were game changers, most were state-of-the-art and some were particularly beautiful – so much so that they needed to be captured and preserved in the permanence of a book. What they have in common is their uncommon size and their specialness.

Volume 30 began with a lot of research, for that is what the initial walk down memory lane turned into. Many of the great ladies of the golden era of yachting have graced these pages. They are such fabulous yachts that their owners part with unreasonable sums of money to preserve them through many generations. How else would we have at our fingertips the stories of a Creole (Volume 8) or a Mariette (Volume 10), the yachts that sailed on to spark the new creations Eleanor, Windrose of Amsterdam or even Athena? Without the stories of the refits of the fantastic J Class yachts Endeavour (Volume 3) and Shamrock (Volume 15) would there have been a Hanuman in Volume 24 or a Rainbow in Volume 26? In honour of the past, we include in this volume two very interesting current refits, one a remarkably visionary transformation of a modern racing yacht into the cruiser Samurai. And with a nod to the classics, the total rebuild of Malahne, a Nicholson design of 1937.

No parent will choose a favourite child amongst his or her children, but pressured, we selected our top tier yachts from each of the past 29 volumes and then invited some guests to join us on our walk down memory lane to pick favourites. Some of the yachts chosen are examples of the audaciousness of owners, some have stood the test of time and are becoming classics in their own right. We leave it to you decide which is which.

So there you have it, the highlights of a generation of reporting about Superyachts and their owners, plus the standouts among the latest launches all wrapped up in one package tied with a bow.


The yachts:

11.11 / Ann G / Atlante / Aquijo / Forever One / Galactica Super Nova / Genesi / Idynasty / Irimari / Just J’s / Malahne / Romea / Ruya / Samurai / Savannah / Sea Eagle / Serenity / Suerte / Symphony / Unfurled