MEGAYACHTS 2016: Concept – Design – Construction

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•  In this fifth edition we continue to probe the future of large yacht design and construction with a fresh set of design topics
•  52 New Yacht Designs 
•  24 Hot Products
•  20 Exclusive Design Features
•  256 Pages
•  Stunning photography and detailed renderings
•  Foreword by Steffen Kohl, Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design

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MEGAYACHTS 2016: Concept – Design – Construction

Technology is advancing at flank speed and where it intersects design and architecture, the result is a confluence of change in yachting the likes of which we have never seen. At the same time, yacht ownership is being redefined by a younger, more adventuresome, less conservative customer. With an increasing number of industrial designers, land-based architects, energy consultants and transportation designers collaborating on new projects, this edition’s yacht designs and interviews represent an exciting explosion of influences and possibilities.

This volume highlights 52 of the most interesting projects either currently in build or proposed by yacht builders , naval architects and yacht designers from around the globe.

Concept:  New Concepts and Projects, presenting the most exciting new yacht development ideas – Hot Products, furnishings, accessories and gear for yachts

Design:  Designing the World’s Largest Sailing Yacht – Sometimes Size Matters – Designing On Board Party Spaces – Material World – En Vino Voyage – Floor Fashions – Why Bannenberg Still Matters – Designer Q & A – Alan Warwick – Chris Bangle

Construction:  That’s A Wrap – A Rising Tide Lifts all Tenders – Trending Tranparency – Let’s Go Foiling- Hull Vane: Alive and Well – Power Play