Superyacht Interiors 2018 Vol.1 - New

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A new stand alone luxury annual book showcasing the best Superyacht Interiors and interior brands in the world

• 180 pages
• 47 interior brands
• 10 Interior sections introduced by a leading yacht designer
• Feature 1: The Secret to a great yacht interior
• Feature 2: Designs that made waves, the most iconic interiors

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Superyacht Interiors 2018 Vol.1 - New

Superyacht Interiors is a new annual luxury book showcasing the best superyacht interiors and interior brands in the world, offering inspiration and guidance, as well as a practical directory of the people and companies excelling in this field.

Aimed at the discerning owner, designer or builder looking for inspiration from the best interior experts in the world, Superyacht Interiors covers every sphere, from lighting and furniture to carpets and flooring. Each section is introduced by a respected yacht designer, and we are delighted to bring you the likes of Terence Disdale, Andrew Winch, Cristiano Gatto and Francesco Paszkowski.

  • • Textiles by Laura Pomponi
  • • Outdoor furniture by Francesco Paszkowski
  • • Indoor furniture by Cristiano Gatto
  • • Tableware by Claydon Reeves
  • • Art by Terence Disdale
  • • Carpets and flooring by Francesca Muzio
  • • Bathrooms, spas and gyms by Guillaume Rolland
  • • Lighting and architectural glass by Jonny Horsfield
  • • Accessories and furnishings by Pascal Reymond
  • • AV and tech by Andrew Winch


Editor’s Introduction

We live in an exciting time for superyacht design. Yacht interiors were once considered niche, specialised – a profession unto itself. Restrictive regulations, the need to work with endlessly shifting light, complicated proportions – all were quoted among the many reasons for designers to concentrate on land alone. Not so now.


An increasingly knowledgeable, discerning, often younger owner demands a look and feel that reflects a lifestyle at home, not just at sea – and a designer who can deliver the whole package. And this holistic approach is shaking things up. Who needs a large, leather-clad office, stemming the flow of light, when you can have Wi-Fi connection, a laptop and some outdoor sofas to sink into atop an open-plan sundeck?


The age of beige and bling is behind us and a world of opportunity has opened up. From bedrooms to beach clubs, cinemas to saloons, dance floors to drinks cabinets, helipads to hammams, a superyacht interior encompasses every possible facet of existence – there’s no longer a reason why the yacht version should be inferior to the land version. Now that the options are unlimited, provenance, quality and craftsmanship matter more than ever before. How else does one choose which fabric to opt for, which piece of tech to install? In a crowded market, information is the key.


It is our hope that this book offers just that information.

By showcasing the best, the most trusted, the leaders within the world of interiors, we can help provide superyacht owners and designers, past, present and future, with a definitive starting point. A place to be inspired. A space to enjoy like-minded spirits. Crucially, a trusted environment where only the best of the best has got through.

The rest is personal – and we leave that to you.